Hi Darling Tribe,

How are you doing trailblazer??….. I want to believe you had amazing days in the just concluded week and God in His benevolence has bestowed on us another fresh week to begin again and also get things right. I really think that’s cool and God is indeed a faithful GOD.

Most times, we all get carried away with the hustles and bustles of life that we become ignorant of the amazing works of God in our lives. If you’re reading this, spare some minutes to appreciate God and tell Him THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING.πŸ’™πŸŒŸ

Today, I’d like to address something I feel we all are accustomed to but no one wants to play the card because as trivial as it could be, it’s also very powerful as well. I’m writing to you on ACCOUNTABILITY. I know the majority don’t like the sound of it because no one wants to be answerable to anyone. A large number of people just want to enjoy the liberty of doing what they just wish to do anytime and anyhow without considering the aftermath of some decisions. Now, that’s where accountability sets in, tribe.

My first blog post to you this year was on goal setting. May I tell you now that for you to move on a great pedestal without any impediment to the numerous list of things you desire to accomplish quarterly, half and end of the year, you need someone that you can answer to, someone who is capable of propelling you to keep moving and have your goals smashed; You must have a person figure that has the same values, integrity, commitment, force as you. You must have someone who has your best interest at heart. And you must have someone who is passionately committed to ensuring your ways and works still aligns with your goals. Now, if you don’t have a figure like this in your life, join a community of people that their purpose aligns with what you seek. Honestly, the role of accountability is huge and it’s something we all should strive to have. It would help us a lot in our journey through life. Also, it would help us to stick to our to-do list whilst kicking against procrastination.

Accountability separates the wishes in life from action takers that care enough about their future to account for their daily action -John Lemme.

Your To-do this week is to find someone whom you can be accountable to!!! The goal is to win and shine together.

The reason a lot of people shy away from accountability is a lack of responsibility because they know that accountability breeds responsibility. Carefully choose a person to monitor your growth and be determined to be a responsible individual. You have a lot more to gain than you will ever lose. Cheers to your greatness, tribe.

Don’t be deceived, tribe………… There will be times when a lot of things out there would seek your attention and just in a flash, you are dancing to the rhythm of the things you never planned for. Journey through this year SMART and LEAN NOT on your understanding. God gave us the gift of people and I’m urging us to maximize this gift to our higher advantage. Accountability is not a weakness neither is it incompetence. We need people to learn and grow and we can also help others to learn and grow.

Lastly, Don’t UNDERMINE THE GIFT OF PEOPLE!!! Many people say that over the course of our lives, we will meet irreplaceable and unique people who make an indelible impression on us. Given that we are all fleeting guests of this world, we cannot hesitate to take advantage of each and every moment, and each and every person whose company we share.

It could be said that every person needs someone to admire, someone who serves as a mentor, someone who inspires them. This is not the same as simply imitating someone else’s actions or words, or thinking the same way a philosopher, writer, and guru does because we agree with their ideas. We need someone closer to us, whom we see as a role model in all aspects of life. In life, there will always be people who are worth it, individuals who brighten our dark, who always say the right thing at the right time. Kindness is like sunlight, it will never be extinguished. Be accountable to someone today, tribe. I pray you a massive flood of love and light your way this week. πŸ’™πŸŒŸ

Thank you for staying this long with me. If you find this post helpful, please share it for other lives to benefit from. Don’t forget to leave down your thought with me. Tons of likes for this post would be perfect too.😊😊😊. Have a blessed week ahead my yard people.

Yours in purpose,


Taiwo Eniola

Hi I'm Eniola. A Nigerian. I'm studying agriculture @LAUTECH at the moment. I love music, writing, fashion ,reading and everything that makes me connect to life. I'm a Christian. A serious soul. Lively Introvert. I am one out of MANY....................

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Ige Adedolapo
Ige Adedolapo
January 18, 2021 8:54 am

Accountability equals responsibility. It helps us in our journey of smashing our goals. Thanks for this.