Happy Sunday tribe! I’m excited we walked together to be here. It’s really so amazing for me and I hope you’ve been blessed and inspired in each of the days.

How soon, not now becomes never”- Martin Luther.

Laziness! It happens to all of us while we were little or older. We all have had a share in the dose of laziness. But where did it ever takes us?. Laziness is the feeling of not being able to do a task that you are perfectly capable of doing. There are days I wish I could stay up in bed doing nothing but this wish of mine has never been granted. I will tell you why. I went to a boarding school and “lazying” is greatly frowned upon. We had time fixed for every activity in the dormitory. If I wanted to be lazy, there was not a single room that could allow it. Our morning mantra then was,”Be at the right place doing the right thing at the right time”. It has helped me cure this disease called laziness. In other words, laziness can be controlled when you know the things you should at the right time without procrastination.

Everyone can be caught in the web of laziness. Whether you are in high school, college, business person, or a career individual. It has no regard for gender, age, or status. However, Laziness can be well managed,and overcoming it is the best way to get ahead in life. Laziness springs up from boredom, tiredness,depression, and lack of purpose. It’s our responsibility to get rid of this bad habit that can mar our lives. Some say that laziness is a result of fear that overwhelms an individual which leads to a point of inaction and decision to leave it for the next day(Tomorrow). What if tomorrow never comes. Jimmy Lyons says thatt ” Tomorrow is the day in the year that appeals to a lazy man”. Tomorrow is not promised. Get to it today

God frowns at a lazy man. “How long will you be there,o sluggard? When will you arise from your sleep? A little sleep,a little slumber,a little folding of the hands, and poverty will come upon you like a robber”. In other words, God is not happy with a lazy person. If you are constantly in the habit of laziness, Here is a word for you ” Stop sleeping, Get to work!. You will have much time to sleep when you die”. Dear reader, do something today that your future self will thank you for. You make name for yourself when you overcome pain, weakness, ignorance and laziness.

Here are some tips that can help you overcome laziness.

  1. HAVE A ROUTINE: Every morning is an opportunity with a blank slate to start again. Remember getting started is getting ahead. If you were lazy other days, a new day gives you the grace to get your hands on it. To push off laziness, there has to be a routine that you must involve and evolve with daily. When you do this task consistently, you gain mastery of it, and laziness is eliminated. Routine helps you to focus on your schedules for that day which makes you a step closer to a successful life.

  2. BE REALISTIC: Most people tend to become lazier because they have unrealistic tasks before them which makes them burn out before they begin. Keep up with attainable goals and stick to it daily. Setting a realistic goal for yourself gives you the opportunity to get them done without giving excuses or allowing some distraction in the process. Being realist kicks away laziness and you will not in any feel overwhelm with your task. Remember, you are not competing with anyone, you are trying to get off the old habit of laziness. Hence, be realistic and don’t be hard on yourself either.

  3. ASK FOR HELP: This is another way to lay off laziness aside but many people misinterpret help for weakness. And in the real sense, not seeking help when you are sure to need it obviously promotes laziness and failure. If you need help to get a task done, please do admit it as it improves your chances of success and increases your band of network. No man is ever an island of knowledge, we need help sometimes in our lives.

  4. CELEBRATE YOU WINS: Recognizing the things you have been to able to accomplish in life can really keep you going to do more for yourself. Most of us don’t know how to be kind on ourselves which sometimes slows down our productivity. If you have been treating yourself badly, I think you should write on paper the things you’ve been able to do successfully and celebrate yourself for it. It really does boost your confidence and end laziness. It’s a strategy that has worked efficiently well for me over time. You should try it. Take a bold step to give us feedback when you do. Cheers to your wins!

  5. BE ORGANIZED: I know there are days everything can really be a mess but getting your things organized as many times as possible will help you to end laziness. When you create a mess,endeavor to clean up your mess and not leave it till when you can. Keep away from this circle. Be organized.

Lastly, Purpose gives your life meaning and lack of purpose helps you to find solace in laziness because there’s no motivation. If your life lacks purpose and makes you feel lazy as well,it’s really time to find something that will stimulate you to do something for yourself without wasting your time and life around. Everyone deserves to be successful in life. Sadly, not everyone will be successful as a result laziness and other bad habit practices that will distort them on the journey to success. If you want to be great in life, stop laziness today before it stops you.

Thank youuuuuuu tribe for staying true for the last 30days and I’m glad to inform you that this journey stops tomorrow as we begin another. I really do love your heart of commitment. I pray a blessing over your heart. Love and Light. πŸ’™βœ¨

Yours in purpose,


Taiwo Eniola

Hi I'm Eniola. A Nigerian. I'm studying agriculture @LAUTECH at the moment. I love music, writing, fashion ,reading and everything that makes me connect to life. I'm a Christian. A serious soul. Lively Introvert. I am one out of MANY....................

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Ige Adedolapo
Ige Adedolapo
November 29, 2020 3:12 pm

Chai.. Laziness and procrastination. May God help me because sometimes I can be caught up in this web especially procrastination. Thanks for these tips. I really loved the point that talked about setting realistic goals and sticking to them. Thanks babe