Hi Tribe,

How do I start my message today?. I think I should let y’all know I’ve been more indoor than I ever went out lately. It feels as though God’s been chastising me for my wrong choices and where I’d compromised my values. Being chastised is an expression of love from the father. However, He wouldn’t be easy on you but you can be sure of His presence not to leave you. My dear, if you are going through a rough season like me, it’s not easy but I want to encourage you to hang in there. It’s a phase and it will pass away. Hang in there with God even in the heat. Diamonds undergo great pressures to become that valuable.

I’d also like to share an experience I encountered. I just want you to learn a thing or two from it. I got hurt by someone though we’ve decided to bury our differences whilst we keep at arm’s length. I don’t know but sighting this individual, I just felt cranky, and unconsciously my facial expression wasn’t friendly. Initially, I wanted to reach out to someone but due to some constraints, I couldn’t. I dashed for my hostel. On my way, the holy spirit asked me why I was defending myself when I handed everything to Him?? I was utterly stubborn and deafmute to Him at that moment. Somehow, this person called and I still tried to be stubborn. I knew I was in for it when He made me cry uncontrollably until I did what He asked me to do. I called this person back and apologized sincerely even though I was the victim. I believe I’m not saying this to just empty this day on you. I want you to learn that under no circumstance should you let your flesh get the best part of you. Don’t let the hurt you nurse around turn you into a person that you’re not. If you’ve handed your battle to God, don’t attempt to do the fighting. How to respond and react is very essential when dealing with people. I didn’t mean to act that way but my reactions were otherwise. You do not have to win every battle. God can allow you to lose so that He can win the war for you. Lastly, Anything that will alter your peace, joy, tamper your union with the holy spirit. Please let it GO. If Jesus wouldn’t do it, you shouldn’t. Learn from my mistake, please🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿. You do not want to shed tears that you have no control how to stop until He releases you . It’s been a roller coaster of emotions for me but I’m grateful to God for every strength that He gives each day to write to you.

I believe God wanted me to share that to save a soul because that wasn’t on the menu at all. Today, I know it’s rough and tough, there are misdeeds here and there. You blame yourself for your circumstance. Enough of the negative aura. I think it’s time you exude a positive aura and feel great about yourself again. Your to-do action is to get a piece of paper and a pen and write(or your phone notepad) something down for yourself.

Write something SWEET for yourself, tribe.

You know, we all are great at nurturing others but we forget to do pretty important things for ourselves. I’m sure you’re aware that you cannot pour from an empty cup. The love in you is what freely radiates to others. It’s also very funny how we can go all the way to compose a note to someone we love. There is the moment where you don’t want to make a mess, so you choose your words carefully. How about you become gentle with yourself like that?. You don’t have to be a poet, author, writer, blogger to write well. All that is required, is finding an expression from within you while you pour your heart on paper. You really need this exercise in your life because it will enhance your self -confidence and boost your self -esteem. It helps you to become more aware of who you are. Writing yourself a letter is the perfect journey to being your own BESTIE.


I don’t know if you will believe me that I include each of you in my prayers. I tell God to let you have reasons to be happy in all the days of your life, have a sane mind, and keep you safe under His banner of love and protection. If you’re not happy, I wonder if you’d ever come here to read?. You all are amazing and I love you all silly. Y’all are the reason I wake up in the morning with a sense of purpose hoping to discharge my duties with joy in my heart to write to you. I know I don’t know y’all but I’m glad my FATHER knows each of you by name. He calls you His own. Your love is overwhelming. I’m grateful to y’all for your support and love. A big hug for you😊😊😊

Pretty reminder for you my darlings.

Once again, thank you for staying with me on this journey. It’s been amazing one week with y’all. God be praised!!! Don’t forget that you’re the light and salt of the world. Let your life show forth these virtues. If you’re blessed, please share!!!. Love and Light💙✨

Yours in purpose,


Taiwo Eniola

Hi I'm Eniola. A Nigerian. I'm studying agriculture @LAUTECH at the moment. I love music, writing, fashion ,reading and everything that makes me connect to life. I'm a Christian. A serious soul. Lively Introvert. I am one out of MANY....................

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November 6, 2020 6:31 am


Tiana Owolabi
Tiana Owolabi
November 6, 2020 8:24 am

If you’ve handed your battle to God, don’t attempt to do the fighting. This is so apt. Thanks for sharing, dear.

Ige Adedolapo
Ige Adedolapo
November 6, 2020 9:45 am

You do not have to win every battle. God can allow you to lose so that He can win the war for you. This is so profound. I can relate with your story, may God help us. I deserve to love up on myself.