We all make mistakes. When we were younger,we were taught the “five magic words” which one of it, is “i am sorry”. It’s a word we all attempt to use when we’ve done something wrong or when we hurt someone.

An apology should be a statement of remorse with clear promise that it won’t happen again. Your words must be genuine coupled with a desire to change.

If you can’t make it better,don’t make it worse. An apology should be heart felt and not an attempt to smooth ruffled feathers – It’s beyond that!.

Our “i am sorry” needs to be sincere and real as it can be because words are really meaningless if they aren’t backed with actions.

The best kind of apology is when you try to replace everything you’ve done wrong with everything you can do to make it right again.

Apologies also don’t mean a thing if there’s no plan to change. Accepting responsibility for the wrongs we did is the first step to CHANGE and a STEP CLOSER TO GOD.

The people around you will need you to change when you tell and show them how “sorry and remorse” you really are about that particular thing even the lord will be pleased with your action.

No one in history ever choked to death for using the word “I am sorry”. Let’s do away with ego and pride. I’m looking forward to your opinions on this topic.

It’s too early in the year to travel with such heavy baggage of guilt,malice,quarrels etc. Apologise when you should and travel LIGHT.

Thank you for reading.

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Taiwo Eniola

Hi I'm Eniola. A Nigerian. I'm studying agriculture @LAUTECH at the moment. I love music, writing, fashion ,reading and everything that makes me connect to life. I'm a Christian. A serious soul. Lively Introvert. I am one out of MANY....................

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Adedolapo Ige
Adedolapo Ige
January 8, 2020 7:53 am

Thanks VWK.. Our apologies are meaningless when they are not backed up with change, hence beyond apologizing for mistakes and wrongs by word of mouth, our actions should reflect the real apology.

Adeleke Oluwatobi
Adeleke Oluwatobi
January 9, 2020 8:54 am

This line hit me ‘if you can’t make it better,don’t make it worse’. So saying sorry sometimes could make matters worse if we don’t mean it… Am I right?